One Bad Apple

Bad Apple! 25 Different Challenges to kill the Bad Red Apple! 

While the game play looks very simple you will soon find yourself engaged on how to kill the Red Apple fruit! 

This Game May make you Feel- Excited, Frustrated, Puzzled, Exhausted, Unsure, Confident, Depressed,E uphoric and much more :) 

Object- Shoot the Apple by aiming with other fruits’s into Red Apple causing the Apple to hit and explode(s) 

How to play- 
1. Place Shooter By Touching Screen. Bow Will Move to Where you Touched! 

2. Bring Up Orange Aimer By Holding Down on fruit for 1 Sec! 

3. Once Aimer is in Place, it will be solid. Adjust Aim and Power. Simply Shoot! 

Happy Playing!!!